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Amazonite (AR-103)

Gray Pearl (AR-104)

Venera (AR-105)


The essence of your soul

Aura Series is designed with the utmost care and attention, blending imagination, technology and
craftsmanship to create a soulful experience. Aura Series is for those who value quality, beauty and
elegance in their living spaces. It is a mirror of your soul, shining with vitality and radiance.


Super White (PL-101)

Gold Rush(PL-191)

Ice Storm(PL-481)


The grandeur of royalty

The Palatial range evokes the grandeur, finesse and the scintillating elegance of the great palaces of
the world. Diligently crafted with sublime passion and eye to every detail, this range embodies the
delight of divinity itself; an absolute expression of imagination, technology and craftsmanship.
Perfected to nonpareil excellence for those who seek nothing but the very best for their homes, this is it.

White Vortex (PL-101-B1)

White Harmony (PL-111-1)

Divine Gold ( PL-191-4)

Arctic Waves( PL-111-3)

Black Velvet(PL-104-3)

Calacatta Colorado (NP-101-M4)


Perfect Storm(AD-391-10)

Blossom White(AD-421-6)

White Tango(AD-101-B1)


The charm of a diva

Dazzling. Incredible. Vivacious. Amazing. The Adiva range is inspired by the mesmerizing elegance of a diva; the persona and the power to exude beauty in its absolute vibrance.Breathtaking visual impact, impeccable finish and the highest performance standards are the
hallmarks of this ultra-plush range. It’s what every well-loved and immaculately designed home
and kitchen deserves. Truly, a diva.

Ocean Blue (NP-471-16)

Classic Calacatta(AD-101-M2)

Magic Night(AD-104-2)

Classique Soapstone (AD-3033-14)

Castle White Calacatta (AD-3113-M6)


Gallium (AL-2211)

Castle White (AL-3113)

Elan Gray (AL-2133)


A mysterious allure

The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating is the allure of this
range. Crafted with intimate elegance, Allura is designed to rare perfection. This range brings out
the best of visual enigma and lasting aesthetics to your living environs.

Coastal Fog (AL-4155)

Natura White (AL-1111)

Natura Beige (AL-1922)

Winter Gray (AL-1136)

Gold Dust (AL-2966)

Nexus White (AL-3210)


Absolute Gray (MV-103)

Golden Ripples (MV-391)

Fluttering White (MV-321)


Crafted for the connoisseur

Designed and crafted for a fine sensibility, Maven literally means a connoisseur. Designed for the
fine taste of elegance, Maven is ideal for contemporary homemakers, interior designers and
architects who seek nothing but the very best in fine looks and high performance.

Absolute White (MV-101)

Absolute Black (MV-104)

Mystic Fire (MV-394)


34 Starry Black (OG-104)

Starry Gray (OG-103)

Starry White (OG-101)


Finesse meets simplicity

Origins is the finesse of craft expressed in absolute simplicity. The designs are natural, simple
and soulful. The elemental range of Specta’s expressions in quartz, Origins brings a fine balance
of high performance and aesthetics.

Gray Sand (OG-303)

Desert Sand (OG-302)

White Sand (OG-301)

Uno Light Gray (OG-603)

Uno Beige (OG-605)

Gray Sand Neo (OG-303A)

DS Light Gray (OG-5033)

Pure Gray (OG-503)

Uno Dark Gray (OG-606)


Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2. It is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust and comes in various forms and colors. Quartz is often used in countertops, tiles, and decorative objects due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

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